Phoenix, Wood Burning Slow Combustion Heater. in BORONIA, Victoria for sale

Refrigerators, ovens etc.

Hi, get ready now for next Winter and take your time installing the heater ,the holidays are just around the corner and this will make a good holiday project, purchase it now and plan. Sometimes we can have some cool days through the Summer. This is a larger heater, with brick blocks on the bottom, it has a 3 speed fan, a large glass door, for nice viewing of the flames, Gives Great heat output. Very Good Condition.
Dimensions are : body, 720 mm wide, 640 mm high, 425 mm deep. Fascia, 1020mm wide, 740 mm high, 200 mm deep, Firebox, 640 mm wide, 390 mm deep, 350 mm high, Firebox opening 575 mm wide, 270 mm high, good for large logs, comes with 1 section of flue, 900mm long, 150 mm diameter.